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"To sing is to transcend this world, and to reach for the heavens." 

Tara MacKenzie (MhicCoinnigh) is an award-winning Irish-Canadian musician, devotional artist, and music education facilitator. She currently lives in Owen Sound, Ontario.  She began her life as a "musicianary" in 1977 at the age of 5 and served with Youth With a Mission in Europe as a gospel singer,  devotional musician and worship leader during the 90s. At this time, she began collaborating with indigenous artists and sacred music leaders from all across the planet, with a heart to learn their unique expressions, encouraging worship and sacred forms of music to be written from the composer's individual indigenous cultural narratives. The early 2000s saw her move from Europe to Owen Sound, in Canada, and joined forces with her husband Trevor MacKenzie, opening Vert Productions Studio/later renamed "MacKenzie Music Studio" where many notable artists began their first recording projects, and music study practices. This hive of collaboration and artistic support to the  Grey Bruce community has been a great source of joy and service for The MacKenzies.  

In 2013 Tara received a Maple Blues award with the MacKenzie Blues Band for "Best New Artist or Band" and an Owen Sound Cultural Award for "Outstanding Individual".  She has performed in North America, Eurasia, and Polynesia. Tara has been featured in the internationally distributed magazine "Blues Matters". In addition to her work with the blues, She is working on a new project called "The Realm Walkers", which is a folk-Esque celebration of the human spirit sojourning in the material world. 
She loves to play many instruments, all manner of drums, stringed things and woodwinds, but her passion is for the human voice. Tara has her 500h RYT certification, and enjoyed learning yoga philosophy and history. She plays her Tanpura  and Mridungam daily as part of her bhakti and nada yoga practice, as well as her various beloved frame drums, harmonium, gongs, shruti, bódhran and Celtic harp.

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