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Jai! Guru Devi/Deva

The Team

Deepest Gratitude to those who have invested in my learning and study.


Dr. Harry (Sweeting) Haughton.

Music Teacher, Band, Voice.

Without Dr. Haughton as a guide in my young life, I could have missed the path of music that I ultimately travelled through a life time. He taught me that our spirits are unique, and there are many ways to learn, but the best, is by being brave, and not worrying about failing. His easy and loving way of redirecting me through my fears and low confidence to a place of "knowing" that I could always be growing- literally saved my life. He invested in me when it seemed like nobody else could even see me. For this, I am forever grateful for this life and his contributions to my growth. He taught thousands of children music, and the fruit from that tree has endured to be good.

Apart from his beginnings as a session guitarist and vocalist at Coxone Studios Jamaica, he had many artistic accomplishments in his home country of Jamaica and abroad. He contributed to Bob Marley's first recordings, and had recorded an iconic calypso record under the  stage name name "Harry Sweeting" From Jamaica with Love.  He was a devoted Seventh Day Adventist, and moved fluidly between secular and sacred modalities. At his heart, he was pure love.

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Frame Drum Mentors and Sisters

Layne Redmond- I encountered Layne's teachings at a very challenging point in my life. She reignited the fire of  the women frame drumming renaissance worldwide and launched a revolution!  Her teaching changed my heart and gave me courage to step... step.. step!

Barb and Amy were her learned prime students, and continued her legacy of teachings with grace and love. I was particularly close to Barb. I was fortunate enough for many years to learn from these inspiring women. Dede, my beloved trickster, also is in the Layne Redmond lineage, as well as her amazing skills with Doumbek and Melodic Percussion- SHE CONTINUES TO INSPIRE ME TO TAKE MY PRACTICE SERIOUSLY!

Corrie, a constant source of encouragement to me, has been my tight compadre in our frame drum sister journey. When the women were drummers? Again! Jai! The women are drummers! The gift these women planted in me has grown to a healthy tree! A wellspring of Rhythm!

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Free Modern Gold Handwritten Photo Wedding Collage Card.jpg
Free Modern Gold Handwritten Photo Wedding Collage Card.jpg


These incredible musicians were the scorching heat in my refiners fire. They left their mark on my heart and practice, like a tattoo, that never fades. These people walked difficult, and glorious paths with me as I learned the craft of music devoted to God. They forced me to grow, and never allowed moss to grow on this rolling stone.

David and Dale Garret- New Zealand

Stefan Van Maurik- Holland

Ingrid Boesten- Holland

Paul Jenkins- Budapest, Texas, Nashville

Phil Ulrich-Budapest, Australia

Samuel Hoffman- Amsterdam, Nashville

Angela Kontor, Pali Terecskei, Krisz Simonfalvi.- Budapest

Karen Lafferty- Amsterdam, Arizona

Luke Kaa-Morgan- Amsterdam, New Zealand

Luc Upson- Amsterdam

Levi Molnar- Romania

Nada Yoga and Bhakti Gurujis

The whole world sings joy into being.

Gratitude to all the ragamuffin saints, who have transmuted and transmitted ageless value through their chants. Their hearts, are like a glorious sacred river, flowing to an ocean of grace. 

Firstly, Trevor MacKenzie. The most knocked out powerful yogi I have ever met, and who is hardly known by the world in his real power. He is my gentle spiritual giant.

His fluidity to slip between time/realm zones is unreal. He is not only my love but a major guru in my life.

Krishna Das. Jai Hanuman! The sincere heart that floodlights the world with the depth of his sharing. 3+ years of Thursday nights hanging out in the "heart space". I'v learned a lot.

Jahnavi Harrison- Her album is a daily teacher for me.

Gaura Vani- an ocean of grace.

Jai Uttal- Bhakti camp is good for the heart.

Abitjib- the amazing mridungam teacher. You make it look easy, and you make me hungry for the mantra as a sustaining meal.

Mike Weir. The most powerful bhakti saint in my world, and he doesn't know it, or even see that his love soaked talent  is  more majestic than a thousand old growth redwood forests, and as powerful as the pull of the moon on the seas. There is real strength in vulnerability and authenticity. He models that every day and I'm so grateful to be in the wake of his teaching.

Tyler Wagler.

Devotion to magic of committed and deep practice. A well spring of poetry, in the air, and in the heart. He most represents the manifestation of spiritual power, as played through stringed things.

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